Weekndr: LA Edition

Los Angeles

It’s official: The Weekndr Family are now residents of Los Angeles, California. Well South Pasadena to be exact, since we’ve quickly discovered that this massive sprawl is made of up dozens upon dozens of cities and neighborhoods each with distinct personalities, crime rates, school districts, and housing prices, and it’s important to choose one that matches your desired profile.

We chose South Pas for several reasons, listed in no apparent order:

1. A flock of wild parrots flies around town offering daily sightings
2. It’s home to the first-ever Trader Joes
3. The school district is top-notch (and not part of LA Unified)
4. We were persuaded by an exceptional blogger with mad photography skills
5. I can take the Gold Line Metro to work and avoid the LA freeways
6. We scored an amazing rental house with a lime and orange tree in the backyard
7. It’s packed with Greene & Greene style craftsman houses, and the Morris Bed will fit right in

I’m sure we’ll discover more reasons as we settle in, complete with pictures. Stay tuned…