Home Remedy: Eat Raw Garlic to Cure a Sore Throat

photo: annilove on Flickr

garlic photo by annilove via Flickr

Eating raw garlic might just be a cure for the common cold.

A nasty cough and sore throat bug has run through the local kid circuit over the past two weeks and last night I identified the first sign that I was catching it. Already, everyone in the weekndr house had succumb to this seasonal bug. Except for me, and the future did not look bright.

When I got home from work my throat started to feel raw and scratchy. That’s when I remembered some advice my brother gave me a few years ago as a home remedy to head off a sore throat or common cold: eat raw garlic. And that’s just what I did.

I peeled two small sections from a clove and began to chew. And I mean chew.  The key to this home remedy is that you have to let the garlic juices thoroughly coat your mouth and throat, which won’t happen if you just pop the garlic bite in your mouth and swallow. Literally, you can feel the spicy garlic neutralizing offending bugs and the pain just goes away.  It causes a similar warming sensation when it hits your belly, but that goes away too.

When I woke up this morning no sore throat. No achy body. I can honestly say I avoided the common cold thanks to raw garlic.

The downside is no one wants to get near me. Not only does my breath smell but I’m practically sweating garlic. It’s a small price to pay for good health.