Weekend Destination: Pasadena’s Eaton Canyon

Eaton CanyonJust a few miles away from here, at the foot of a canyon that cuts through the Los Padres National Forrest and into Pasadena, a cold mountain-water creek snakes through a wide scramble of river rocks. It’s a scene from nature in action, which is not often on display here in Los Angeles where miles of our rivers have been lined with concrete.

This place is called Eaton Canyon, and it’s conveniently located off a main street in the suburban LA community of Altadena. Go down the long drive way past the wooden park entrance sign and through the parking lot, and you find yourself steeped in nature at every turn. It’s easy to forget that the bustling urban landscape starts just on the other side of the tree line – until you hear a burst of police sirens or snarled traffic.

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