TikTok, Social Distancing, and the New UnNormal

You might remember not long ago I was on here grandstanding about deleting my Facebook account to live a better life of real human connection and personal experiences.

Well, bad timing I guess.

Thanks to a global pandemic and our new reality of “Social Distancing” my grand plan needs a Plan B. Turns out Social Media is a good thing during a state-wide Shelter in Place. I hang out on Instagram and Twitter a lot, these days, and sometimes long for my old Facebook feed.

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Bye, bye Facebook.

This Sunday at 9 pm PST I am going to shut down my personal Facebook account and associated pages. It’s the first step in a conscious effort to reduce my dependency on the social media platforms that are literally eroding our democracy and commitment to truth for commercial gain.

Instead, I’m going back to the open internet, reviving this here WordPress blog http://www.weekndr.com to post photos and personal updates. I hope you will bookmark it and check in every now and then, and leave a comment or send me a message if you want to say hi. 

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