The Deep Sea, and Why We Need to Save It

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is about an hour drive from my hometown, so it’s a family favorite destination on a weekends or holidays. This year we sprung for our first family membership after doing the math and realizing we’d save money.

The aquarium shared news this week about a special exhibit planned for 2021 on The Deep Sea, which will showcase life 200 meters or more beneath the ocean where light does not exist. How do you know you’ve reached the deep sea? Scientists explain: “You know it when you don’t see it.”

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You can find natural history in LA if you look hard enough

“Natural” is not typically a word associated with anything LA. But it’s just right for the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, which lived up to its name during a Weekndr family visit yesterday.

Our photographic highlights (after the jump) include: Taxidermy paradise, rockin’ minerals, gold fever, dino bones, and the awesome mosaic ceiling photographed above.

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Hairy Leaves and More at The Huntington

Surely we had more scenic photos from our recent trip to The Huntington, but this hairy leaf sums it up best: what the heck is that and how did it end up in Pasadena?

For this mystery and more you can thank Henry E. Huntington, the turn-of-the-century railroad and real estate tycoon who amassed the most amazing collection of art, rare books, sculpture, and gardens, and made them all available for public viewing at a massive estate now home to The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.

In addition to hairy leaves, you can also see a Gutenberg Bible, original Shakespeare manuscripts,  famous artwork including Edward Hopper’s The Long Leg, and acres and acres of well-kept botanical gardens of every variety.


lawrence Welk Resort

In the northern corner of San Diego County where the earth is scorching dry and giant, polished boulders shoot out of the mountain sides like they were spit from a volcano hundreds of miles away, there is a water park named for the late Lawrence Welk.

It’s only in a place like this that a kid would position herself beneath a five-gallon bucket as it dumped its fresh load.  Our trusty Rebel caught two of these moments mid-splash; I feel drenched in recycled pool water just looking at them.