Augmented Reality: An Exhibit of California Indian Baskets and Hats in 3D

Explore a collection of 19th c. California Indian baskets and hats in augmented reality. See these cultural artifacts up close with your iPhone on your classroom desk or kitchen table.

Photos and Photogrammetry by Matt Berger

A Private Collection

Photographed in high resolution from all angles, and stitched together through a time-intensive computing process, these 3D models allow you to view the near-perfect digital replicas up close, from all angles.

3D gallery coming soon. View example above

13 in. diam. basket
Hupa c. 1930s
hot-stone burn marks
9 in. diam. hat
Hupa c. 1930s
right-side up

9 in. diam. hat
Hupa c. 1930s
upside down

10 in. diam. bowl
Hupa c. 1930s
some damage and tears


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Alaskan Inuit basket box
w/ modern crochet necklace bag