12 Years on WordPress!

The future of blogging is the past

12 years ago today, when RSS readers were all the rage, I launched this WordPress.com blog to document the adventures of the “Weekndr Family,” aka me and @accidentaltechie To commemorate, I’ve assembled some of my favorite posts:

The first-ever post introduced a weekly tradition of posting the number of weekends left in the year. “Live for the weekend” was the blog tagline. So full of hope: 

Way before @GOOP, I pitched this pseudo-science home remedy as a way to test out my SEO skills. It features a UGC poll that reveals this cure is legit: Eat Raw Garlic to Cure a Sore Throat

A behind-the-scenes home video reveals what it’s like to wait in line for an appraisal on @RoadshowPBS. Spoiler alert: @MikeAmaditz and I did not go home millionaires. Video: Antiques Roadshow

Keeping track of tiny Scrabble pieces in a house with toddlers is futile. That’s what led to this obscure how-to article: Make Replacement Scrabble Tiles

If you live in a cold-weather climate, you may appreciate my hand-illustrated free woodworking plans! Weeknd Project: Build a Woodshed

Fond memories of that historic 2008 presidential election: Barack the vote!

Every first-time parent reads “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” but our house was all about Ruth Yaron’s “Super Baby Food.” Super Baby Food: Live the Book

I really, really, really wish VW would have hired the designer behind this concept VW microbus.

RIP Jack LaLanne. He beat me in a one-armed push-up contest when he was almost 80 years old. 

Looking back on 12 years of blogging, digital publishing, and now working at Automattic, the company behind WordPress, I don’t think I could have predicted this future of the CMS. But happy to be along for the ride!

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