Another Benefit of Working Remotely… Safe from Global Pandemic

In August 2019 I left my job at Apple and took a new job with a totally “Distributed Company” in which all 1,000 of us employees work remotely, in 70 countries around the globe.

I love my new handmade office, but it was a big change compared to the office I left at Apple Inc. — as you might expect, a post-modern mix of glass, granite, and stainless steel. And that was just my team’s little offsite building a mile away from the magnificent circle-shaped Apple Campus that defies all definitions of “Going to The Office.

Six months in on my new work-from-home job, I’ve decided to update my Top 10 Tips for Working from Home with a few additional benefits, that only came to light in the face of this global pandemic!

With this Covid-19 virus pandemic in full effect, working from home means no mingling with sick co-workers who are too driven (or scared of FOMO) to stay home from the office when they have this sniffles and sneezes. Now if only I could stop touching my face!

On a related note, the flexible schedule of Remote Work means I can go panic grocery shopping during off-hours, which means no lines and sometimes early access to the new shipments of toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

Out for a walk!

P.S. Reviewing my original list 6 months in, I do have some clarifications to make: I still love the fact that I get to walk the dog and ride my bike multiple times a day. I love getting out to co-working spaces and co-worker lunch meetups. But… wearing a clean pair of pants every day has been a challenge. And TBH, no one would ever know if I did.

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