Sushi Boat? Sushi Skate!

Serve your next sushi meal (or party plater) on a mini handmade skateboard sushi tray made from laminated maple veneer just like a standard street deck skateboard. (fresh sushi not included)

I got an inquiry last week from a local skate shop that is looking for a few dozen sushi tray skate decks to use in a cross-promotion at a local sushi restaurant. I came up with this design over the weekend.

I started with the idea of using a set of 3-1/2 in. skateboard trucks and wheels but was concerned that diners might “play with their food” and accidentally roll the skate tray off the table. My first thought was to make a set of wooden “wheels” from a fat dowel, but then decided to slice it down the center to provide a flat base to rest on the table. I love the result.

Since I went through the effort of a prototype, decided to bust out a limited run for sale on my square store.

Measures 14 in. long by 4 1/2 in. wide. Hand wash with warm, soapy water.

3 thoughts on “Sushi Boat? Sushi Skate!

    • Hey Jeff! Your first guess: It’s super hard. Maple is the one-and-only wood used to construct a skateboard. And the properties that make it good for that also make it the preferred species for kitchens (and bowling alleys). It’s super hard and dense because the trees grow in cold forests in the North East and Canada, which makes it hard to scratch or dent if you slam it against the concrete (skateboard), hit it with a chopping knife (kitchen), or drop a bowling ball on it at high speed (bowling alley). It’s also super flexible and bounces back to its original form without cracking or splitting, which makes it perfect for a skateboard. Finally, it’s one of the most abundant domestic hardwoods so the price is right for the value. It’s not very water resistant (like cedar or redwood) so it does require a wood finish to protect it from the elements.

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