You can find natural history in LA if you look hard enough

“Natural” is not typically a word associated with anything LA. But it’s just right for the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, which lived up to its name during a Weekndr family visit yesterday.

Our photographic highlights (after the jump) include: Taxidermy paradise, rockin’ minerals, gold fever, dino bones, and the awesome mosaic ceiling photographed above.

The in-house taxidermist set up a display in the lobby of his trophy stuffed cats. He told the crowd that all of his materials come to him through natural causes. I wonder if there’s a donor card for that?

The exposure on this shot was set to the back-lit diorama. I’d like to shake the hand of the taxidermist who stuffed that elephant. Or, maybe not.

The gold exhibit – one of dozens of minerals on display – is more relevant than ever these days as the price of gold continues to rise into bubble-territory. The display features scores of hunky gold nuggets and memorabilia from California’s gold rush, as well as previous eras of gold fever in history.

Holy crystal, Batman!

The kids always appreciate some good dinosaur bones, and LA did not disappoint.

You can check out the complete slideshow on our new Weekndr Flickr page! (check out our spiffy new sidebar, too.)

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