Ants Ate My Apple Pie

Pie is the new cupcake. And my co-workers pride themselves on staying ahead of the curve so it was announced that today we would celebrate National Pie Day at the office. Everyone was invited to make one and bring it in for a collective feast.

Being a pie lover, this was one of those office events I could get behind. I decided to make a classic apple pie. I picked a recipe from Fine Cooking and followed it with one exception: I used Pink Ladies instead of Cortland.

I actually baked two pies. One for dessert last night (yum!). The other one was for the office. I set it out on the stovetop to cool overnight.

When I woke up this morning and peeled back the tinfoil, the pie was covered in ants! Here’s a photo of one getting away.

While I couldn’t in good conscience serve this pie to my co-workers, we wiped off the crust of ants and cut into it the pie this morning for breakfast. The kids didn’t mind. Ants are good protein, I told them.

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