The Moon Sets Softly on Los Angeles

It's a good thing the 6:55 a.m. bus to the Metro station was late. It gave us time to snap a picture of this purple moon set just after sunrise. Hooray for LA

If you could say one good thing about the less-than-pure air here in Los Angeles, it would be praise for  the colorful  sunsets and sun rises that it produces. We heard somewhere along the way that the purple and reds and oranges are the signs of well-polluted air.

But it’s a fair price to pay for 78-degree sunny days in January while the East Coast is buried in ice and snow. We remember that well. Only the woodstove to be thankful for, and every year for five months to be expected.

Southern California had a few good weeks of rain earlier this month, but when followed up by weeks of warm sunny weather, it only encouraged a new bloom of citrus trees and flowers. The orange and tangerine trees in our neighborhood are bursting. What is the etiquette on picking your neighbor’s fruit trees anyway?

One train stop later, in downtown Los Angeles, while waiting at a bus stop near city hall on 1st Street, the view from a stray plastic lawn chair was of the Los Angeles Police Department. Its downtown digs are right up there on the list with the rest of modern architecture. Meanwhile, we recently read those cops are cutting the city’s graffiti budget by $150 million. At least they can enjoy their time in the office.

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