Checkerboard No. 003

Checkerboard No. 003Checkerboard No. 003 goes out the door tomorrow after a heroic effort that lasted nearly nine months with continual starts and stops. It was worth the effort, though. And we suspect the proud new owner will appreciate the handmade effort.

The general cause of our delay can be blamed on tools. You can never have enough of them (unless you own this tool chest).  We sure don’t. In fact, we’re missing all of them: A scroll saw to cut the veneer pieces straight and square and fast; and a vacuum press that can promise a good glue bond when laminating the deck.

To get this one done, it was painstakingly constructed by hand: hand planes, handheld knives, a hand-pump vacuum bag, and hand sanding and scraping. As a result, there are a few tool marks and less-than-straight lines, but that’s part of the handmadi-ness of it all. You won’t find another one like it.

Now, time to buy some new tools and get started on No. 004.

checkerboard no. 003

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