Weekndr Skateshop: Open for Business

Garage skateshop

Inside the workshop. A checkerboard skateboard takes shape one square at a time.

Shop doors open.

Shop doors open.

It doesn’t look like much yet, but the Weekndr Garage Skateshop opened for business this week as production on the first Checkerboard skateboard got underway. Seriously folks, we’re taking orders.

veneer marquetry

The veneer goes together using a old-timey technique known as marquetry. Kind of like building a puzzle.

Decked out in a checkerboard pattern of exotic veneers, this short board will become No. 53 in the long lineage of handmade skateboards I’ve sent out into the world. It was more than 12 years ago when No. 1 hit the street under the brand Bergerboard. It was a pin-striped longboard that emulated the woody longboard surfboards of the 1950s. The cash payment for sale went straight to the weekend beer budget, and also bought the materials for the next few boards I made and sold. Soon, Bergerboards were selling as fast as I could make them (which wasn’t very fast at all).

Over the years, I’ve evolved the construction process, tried new materials and designs, and finally settled on the current method, which is faster and results in a higher-quality skateboard. If you’re interested in No. 54 and up leave a comment.

marquetry tools

A Japanese carving knife and a straight edge make quick work of the veneer cutting.

3 thoughts on “Weekndr Skateshop: Open for Business

  1. Unsolicited testimonial from a satisfied customer here. Matt & I worked together at Taunton and I asked him to make a checkerboard short board form my skateboarding daughter for her 16th birthday. Matt did a beautiful job and picked the perfect trucks & wheels (something I have no clue about) because he’s a skateboarder himself. She loves it, says it’s the smoothest board she’s ever ridden. Now it’s her main transportation around the Florida State U campus and she’s know as “that girl with the skateboard”. Thanks Matt! 🙂

  2. Mat makes rad boards. I’m still waiting for him to make me a classic woody longboard that can support my fat ass.

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