Daily Commute: Life on the Metro Gold Line

Metro Gold Line at the Mission Station

CLICK IMAGE TO ANIMATE. The Metro Gold Line whizzes across Mission Street in South Pasadena on its way north from downtown Los Angeles.

Welcome to the life of an LA Metro Gold Line commuter. The light rail train you see here zooming across Mission Street in South Pasadena (CLICK IMAGE TO ANIMATE) is the trusty mode of transport that I ride each day to and from work. Every seven minutes during peak hours (and less frequently on weekends)  the Gold Line moves hundreds of commuters, kids, old folk, and homeless day drifters from the San Gabriel suburbs to downtown Los Angeles.

I’ve explored subway systems and trains in most of the major cities around the U.S. and I have to say LA’s Metro ranks up there with the best of them. Yet still, it’s public transportation. And that means it never goes exactly where you want to go without transferring or hoofing it.

My routine goes like this: Walk to station – 3 min. Gold line to Little Tokyo- 20 min. Walk to bus stop – 4 min. Dash A bus to a block away from office – 11 min. Walk to desk – 4 min. That adds up to a 41 min. commute, at best.

Which leads to the question I ponder most morning and afternoons as I make my way to and from the office: Wouldn’t it be more convenient to just drive? Don’t answer that…

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  1. cool animation! i used the LA metro to commute for three months before giving in and buying a car. but your commute is half of what mine was. stay green!

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