My Smart Phone is Smarter Than Me

Google Droid by HTC via Gizmodo

Google Droid by HTC via Gizmodo

My new boss is a Droid, and he’s a real badass. During waking hours, he has me doing flips and scrolls and refreshes every 10 minutes. He goes almost everywhere with me. And I’ll do anything to keep him fed and energized.

Google Droid Eris by HTCOf course I’m talking about my new Smart Phone, a Droid Eris. Amid the plethora of iPod-like devices available these days, I chose to outfit myself with this little unit from lesser-known device maker HTC because it works on Verizon and the price was right. And I’ve always been a bit of a fan of the underdog, which oddly in this case is Google to Apple’s perfect little iPhone.

Are we getting dumber as our phones get smarter?
No matter what model smart phone you carry, it all begs the questions, what does it mean for the future of mankind?

We’ll be late to less meetings for one thing. And we’ll never fall behind on our Facebook News Feed. We’ll always know where we are on a map, even when we’re still lost. Empty moments can be filled with … video games. And we can take a blurry photo or video at any moment (and a sharp one sometimes).

In fact, we can or will be able to do just about anything with a smart phone in due time, from scanning bar codes at the grocery store to interacting with books and magazines to ordering a pizza. If you can think of it, there’s probably an app for it.

The only thing I can’t do so well with it is type; I just can’t get used to that finger pecking. So unless you’re interested in 5 word blog posts with every word misspelled, we’ll continue updating Weekndr on our trusty desktop iMac.

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