How to Clean Roof Gutters: Get Someone Else To Do It

This will be a short post, as it doesn’t take much to describe how to clean roof gutters to remove fallen leaves, pine needles, and the thick layer of leaf compost that builds up when you neglect this all-important fall-time task.


Step One: Borrow a ladder from your neighbor. You only have to clean the gutters a few times a year and you can save  yourself some cash.

Step Two: Convince your significant other to climb the ladder when the roof gutter height exceeds your fear threshold.

Step Three: Scoop out the clumps of leafy crud from the gutters until you can again see the bottom. Dump the crud below preferably avoiding the head of the person holding your ladder as he may be looking up just in time to catch a clump of leaf right in the eye.

Step Four: Climb down the ladder, move it over a few feet, and continue steps two and three as necessary.

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