Make-Shift Coffee Filter From Paper Towel

Here’s a project that is easy and comes in real handy on those early mornings when you run out of coffee filters. I used this one two days in a row without fail.

I can’t vouch for flat-bottom coffee filters, but this is tested and approved for cone filters. Step one: Tear off a single sheet of paper towel. Step two: Carefully place the sheet in the filter canister, folding as necessary. Step three: Cut away the towel that extends above the rim as this may prevent the filter canister from closing properly.

It looks soggy but the coffee brews up great. The final word on paper towels as coffee filters: Works in a pinch!

coffee filter in a pinch

coffee filter in a pinch

5 thoughts on “Make-Shift Coffee Filter From Paper Towel

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  2. I ‘ve done it some times as well but it’s not recomended, as resins (glue basically) from the paper dilute in te water…

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