Build a Bed… at 1/8th Scale

bed model

Good bye futon frame, we’re getting our first-ever grown-up bed. This week I’m going to start building a mission-style bed for the homestead and I decided to build a model in 1/8th scale to make sure the proportions are right. It’s made from scaps of white oak and assembled with a hot-glue gun. The mattress is cardboard.

The girls have already commandeered the cute little model for a Barbie bed. At least she’ll get to rest in style.

The design is pretty much classic arts and crafts. I based it on a Morris chair that we keep in our room. Quarter-sawn white oak, through mortise and tenon joinery (although I have a few tricks up my sleeve with that), corbels Head Board Inlayand slats for the headboard and footboard.

Since the bed is all right angles and square parts it should be relatively easy to build so I’m going to throw in some inlay for the headboard. I found some nice clipart on Google to put together the two options at right. I’ll let the misses have the final word (as usually). I’m leaning toward “SLEEP” over “PEACE” (as usual).

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