How to Raise Tadpoles Into Frogs


We’ve been running a home biology project on our back deck over the past few weeks. The kids scooped up a cup of tiny tadpoles from a small pond at their friends’ house and they’ve been living in a glass goldfish bowl outside night and day, rain or shine.

We captured some tadpoles a few weeks ago and have been watching them grow from tiny-tailed dots to four-legged froggies.

We captured some tadpoles a few weeks ago and have been watching them grow from tiny-tailed dots to four-legged froggies.

Their transformation from tiny-tailed dots into four-legged froggies is near short of amazing, and something that I’ve never really witnessed before. Weeks after we found them, the two taddies photographed above each have a tail, and one also has two hind legs and two front arms.

Mrs. Weekndr has been doing all the hard work to keep these little guys fed and watered. They started out eating lettuce scraps and whatever other organic matter that fell into the bowl. Now that they’re getting more frog-like we’re introducing goldfish flake food to their diets. As for water, we mix in clean water every few days, replacing about 20 percent of the tank water.

There used to be three tadpoles in our tank, an even bigger one, but he went MIA while we were away on our 10-day trip out West. We like to think he grew his legs and jumped off during the monsoon rainstorms and is living happily in our backyard puddles.

UPDATE: One taddie reached frog status and was released recently into the wilds of our front yard. Good luck little guy!


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  1. hi my name is stephanie and i had tadpoles since they were little tiny peices of spawn. it took them a long time to grow but they finally got there in the end. out of around 50, 23 grew legs and 7 became frogs and 2 were set free they have all left now and maybie next year they will have babies and i will manage to raise them to. i just dont know what to give the frogs to eat anymore and i think thats how some died…i even tried boiling lettuce and sticking it in but now i just dont know what to do

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  3. I have been successfully raising tadpoles for years. I USE TAP WATER, THE CHLORINE WILL KILL THEM, but you can use fish de-chlorinating drops to make the water safe, just let it sit at least 24 hours before you use it! I keep & recommend that you keep several containers to collect rain water for several months, use 1-2 with only a few inches of water to put in maple tree stems with leaves, and just some single leaves, some gravle, medium rocks & also large enough rocks, this makes alage grow on everything in the water. The large rocks work first as a food source, them as a way for them to climb up to get air, and eventually to use as their escape when they decide to leave) I keep several containers like this to continue growing algae. When the water warms the algae grows quickly on its own on all of the above items, which saves alot of time & money, and it is natural food for young tad poles. I mostly find eggs in swimming pools or the frogs lay their eggs in my set up containers on their own. I use kiddie pools or clear tubs depending on how many there are. When they start to get a little older I sometimes keep small amounts of stagnant water around, then put the mosquito larve into the tadpole container (I put a screen on top of it so they only stay tadpole food lol) I also use freeze dried blood worms, they seem to LOVE them, along with a quarter sized algae tablet once a week. I continue keeping 1-2 maple leaf stems in there the whole time, they love to hide under the leaves. Dont let the water get to hot, pool water temp is good. Keep checking the water temp. I keep 2 buckets in the shade and 2 in the sun to regulate the water temp, just don’t change the temp too fast or u get dead tad poles. Also if there are to many tadpoles in to small of a container, you will have many dying at one time. Change ONLY PART of the water once it starts getting a little merely. Sometimes I skip the mosquitos and just use freeze dried blood worms, it has worked very well for me the last 5 years. Luckily I live in the country. Good luck everyone!!

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