Weekndr Garden: May Showers and Hues of Green

The grass is coming in nicely. Who knew it wasn't hard to grow grass from seed.

The Weekndr landscape: One month later.

May showers brought hues of green to the newly-landscaped weekndr yard. After a nail-biting month since we first planted the grass seed, the lawn is finally growing in nicely. Today I did the first mow with a push-powered lawn mower I picked up last year at a tag sale. Who knew it wasn’t that hard to plant grass from seed?

The kids are making great use of the lawn while mom and dad have been making good use of a new folding bench from Target  that can be moved easily to the sunniest spot in the yard. I picked up several bags of cedar mulch on sale to create a border around the lawn but after three bags went down we discovered that it gets its bold red color from dye, which stains your bare feet and tracks footprints into the house. 

The vegetable garden is also coming along nicely. All of the plants are in the ground and I’ve made it half way around the plot with a wire fence to keep the deer out. We planted six varieties of lettuce, five varieties of tomatoes (two of which I picked up at Tomatomania a few weeks ago), three varieties of hot peppers, two varieties of basil, a green zucchini and a yellow squash.

Enjoy some photos snapped this morning after the sun came out.


Left: Ancho chiles waiting to become Chile Rellenos. Right: Thai basil and regular basil.

Left: Ancho chiles waiting to become Chile Rellenos. Right: Thai basil and regular basil.

Front to back: Tomatos, peppers, basil, tomatoes, lettuce, squash

A view of the plot from front to back: Green zebra tomatoes, Matt's Wild Cherry tomatoes, juliet small red tomatoes, ancho chiles, Thai and plain basil, string beans, peas, more tomatoes, lettuce, zucchini and squash.

Maple saplings as fence posts.

I chopped down a Maple saplings to get rid of some shade over the garden and cut up the limbs and trunk to use as fence posts. Rustic, but it works!

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