Good Morning Yellow Jackets

We woke up this morning to a swarm of yellow jackets streaming into our house through a crack in the wall.  And we hadn’t even gotten our coffee yet. Until you experience such a sight, you can’t understand the panic that ensues from seeing your living room fill up with mad-as-hell yellow jackets each the size of a peanut. 

Imagine waking up to this little guy and 50 of his friends.

Imagine waking up to this little guy and 50 of his friends inside your living room.

For the past few weeks we had noticed some yellow jackets gathered around a spot outside our house where the chimney meets the wall. It was two stories up so there was no easy way to reach it without a tall ladder. Rather than borrowing a ladder and inspecting the situation, we ignored it. Bad idea.

Apparently the little buggers had created a nest inside the wall where the chimney meets the house and for the past few weeks they have been planning their attack. This morning was b-day.

A few dozen buzzers made their way into the house by the time I armed myself with the vacuum cleaner and start sucking them up. The rest of the family ran screaming while I fended them off, and when the coast was clear I went out to the woodshed and grabbed a can of wasp killer. Since we don’t have a ladder tall enough, I removed the panes from a nearby window and aimed the nozzle squarely at the hole where I could see the yellow jackets entering their nest. 

No one was stung, which is the good news, and after a day of sucking and spraying the hangers on that trickled in, we’re pretty confident that the situation is under control.

Unfortunately, these yellow jackets revealed yet another issue we have to deal with. If they can enter our house, so can the stinging cold air come winter time.

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