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I know the economy stinks right now. The stock market is down, unemployment is up, and tent cities are staging a serious comeback for the first time since, oh, the Great Depression. In times like this, I do what I can to support the economy. In times like this, I shop. Herewith are a few recent purchases. All online. And judging from the amount of FedEx and UPS trucks buzzing around my neighborhood, I am not alone.


These boots are vegan!  Cruelty-free.

These boots are vegan! Cruelty-free.

I saw these boots in the recent issue of Yoga Journal and they looked cute. Since they are not made of leather, they are affordable and it’s nice to know you’re not wearing a dead animal around. 


Nina and Maddie are sure to have fun with this.

Nina and Maddie are sure to have fun with this.

I always admired this toy whenever we played at Satchel’s house. It’s very interactive, and since Nina and Maddie are actually playing together now, it should be a hit (it hasn’t arrived yet). The upside of Nina and Maddie playing together is I get more stuff done around the house. The downside is, it already ends in someone crying. Maddie is only 8 months old but has mastered the most vicious tactic in the art of sisterly war: the hair pull.

We get a monthly shipment.  Three pounds, and we always run out a few days early.

We get a monthly shipment. Three pounds, and we always run out a few days early.

Whenever we discuss cutting back on expenses, we always threaten to cancel our standing monthly Peet’s order, or our storage unit. For some reason, neither gets the axe. Even though they now sell Peet’s right on the shelves at my most-frequented local supermarket, Big Y, we still get ours delivered. As for the storage unit, well…if I can’t stop shopping online, we might be moving in there someday. Probably a lot less smelly than those tent cities.

-Mrs. Weekndr

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