VIDEO: Blueberry Picking

Postcards From The Weekend: Blueberry Picking
video produced by Weekndr on Vimeo.

In this first video from our series Postcards From the Weekend we take a trip to Jones Family Farm, a fifth-generation organic farm in Shelton, Conn., that is famous for its pick-your-own seasonal crops including strawberries, Christmas trees, and our favorite: BLUEBERRIES!

Last weekend we made the 15 minute drive for a fun day of blueberry picking. The whole family got into it, especially Nina who ate as many berries as she put in the basket.

Mary, Maddie and Nina showing off a few pounds of blues.

We’re going back again this weekend to stock up for the winter. There’s nothing better than frozen blueberries to bring back summer memories during the cold dark days of December.


Matt and Nina get busy on another blueberry bush.

Matt and Nina get busy on another blueberry bush.

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